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We are committed to your success and that is why we have created FirstFunding U. Not everyone can get to a live webinar, workshop or special event. Travel is expensive and often training, especially for new hires, is needed NOW!


Through FirstFunding U, we deliver the only comprehensive online Non-Delegated training program that is available online 24 hours a day… 7 days a week… 365 days a year.


Training on FirstFunding technology platforms, FastPass and FUEL are some of the core training available to FirstFunding clients. We also have training on doing business as a Non-Delegated Lender that covers best practices, getting started as a Non-Delegated Lender and more!

We offer exclusive client training at FirstFunding U

to coach you on increasing your business and more.

We will be adding courses each month. It’s simple to set up your complimentary account.

Explore On-Demand, Online Learning

FirstFunding makes available through FirstFunding U online courses across a full slate of topics including best practices, building business and more. Our renewable, continually updated content drives mortgage excellence.

Access Business Building Ideas

FirstFunding U has a full range of marketing, business building ideas, and checklists that lead the industry and are used by companies to increase their knowledge and understanding of doing business as a non-delegated lender in the mortgage industry.

Boost Your Business

Become a better originator or processor with top-notch training resources from FirstFunding when you register for FirstFunding U. We offer exclusive client training all delivered online so you can complete it in your time. FirstFunding U courses are designed to help you understand how to utilize the advanced next generation technologies available to FirstFunding clients as well as provide courses to help coach you on increasing your business!

Your Success is Our Priority

We understand that in this industry, your success is our success, too. That’s why we have invested time and energy toward supporting your business growth. We research best practices, create training and resources all to help you be better at your business. Our goal is to serve you and help you increase your business. FirstFunding U is just another way we work to help our business partners be the best that they can be in their business.


We are in this together!

Grow Your Business

Sign up for training on FirstFunding U to understand how you can help your clients build a strong financial future and learn strategies to grow your business as well.

Become An Expert

Programs offered: Intensive, training programs delivered through short 15-minute sessions A “Virtual Training Center” trains FirstFunding brokers transitioning to become a non-delegated lender, non-delegated lenders, processors and wholesale partners on various technologies, processes and best practices, all delivered online in real time. It’s simple to stay up to date with FirstFunding U.

Incorporate Best Practices

Why FirstFunding offers this perk: “We want our business partners, vendors, and employees to be the best in their business,” says Jim Dunkerley, President, FirstFunding, “so we provide in-depth training on our technology platforms like FastPass and FUEL. We also share best practices and processes to provide our partners with the opportunity to take ownership of being a non-delegated lender to understand the business, the risks, and benefits and how each of these areas has an impact on their businesses, clients, and partners. This information helps them pioneer being the best they can be and serve the customer’s needs by being an expert in their field.”


FirstFunding U Delivers

FirstFunding U delivers training on a specific topic you want to learn about, exactly when you want to learn about it. No longer do you have to wait for a webinar and hope that you are able to stay on it for the whole hour. Instead, we bromg to you training online in real time so you can take whatever training you want, whenever you want it. It’s the future of warehouse lending.  It’s the FirstFunding way!


It’s the new way of doing business and it’s the FirstFunding way.

Welcome to FirstFunding!