FirstFunding’s FUEL collects and reports on information leading up to and including the ACTUAL creation of a residential mortgage loan – which occurs at the time the loan funds are disbursed. It is also a collection/reporting tool for information, actions and document images relative from the time following the loan creation through selling the loan into the secondary market.

FUEL provides a central system where loan-specific data and activities can be tracked anywhere anytime. FUEL tracks on both individual loans and pooled loans.

Customer-defined reporting tools are easily accessed with just a few clicks. Additional features include:

  • Geocoding (obtaining Latitude and Longitude for each collateral property)
  • Mapping of underlying collateral properties
  • Trend Analysis
  • Automated status updating
  • Data import/export capabilities
  • Document image import/export capabilities
  • Loan file funding and sale reconciliation
  • Customizable search and reporting functionality

Reporting can be granular or global. It is all within the control of the user. Results can be printed, saved or exported by the user for applications outside of FUEL.