Lesson Six – Getting Started at the NMLS site

In this lesson, we will share the steps to take to get started with your registration process at the NMLS Site.

We begin at the NMLS site which is http://mortgage.nationwidelicensingsystem.org/Pages/default.aspx 

Step one, click on the Getting Started as a Company or an Individual. The Company tab gives information on registering your company with the NMLS.  If you are licensing as an individual loan originator you will click on the Mortgage Loan Originator tab.

Next, click on the state licensing requirement tab.

Now, select the state or states you are obtaining your license in to receive more detailed information about the licensing requirements in your state.

You may also read the NMLS Policy Guidebook for additional information regarding licensing your company and individual mortgage loan originators.

The NMLS Policy Guidebook provide information details, requirements and resources that can help you through the licensing process.

You will also be able to search and locate both pre-licensure and continuing education courses on the NMLS site.  Course providers must have all pre-licensure and continuing educations approved by the NMLS.  Click on what type of course you are looking for.

The list of course providers will give a list of all approved course providers.  You can also find resources on state specific education requirements from this page.

To locate a PE or CE course you must click on each course provider to find more information about that course provider and the courses they offer.

Another valuable page is the Professionals Standards page which will link you to the details of obtaining your NMLS license.  Here you will find information regarding the Criminal Background Check, Education, Testing and how to get started.

You can connect to the Testing Resources page from the Professionals Standard page.

All state-licensed loan originators will take both a federal and state test.  Everyone will take the same federal portion of the test and states will either use the UST or uniform state test or their own state test.

The NMLS site provides information on which states are using the UST as their state test.