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The purpose of this course is to enable you to continue learning the rules and regulations regarding fair lending in the mortgage industry.

You will be able to read and listen to the audio recording of this course.


The objective of this course is to provide the tools and knowledge for you to understand the laws and regulations regarding fair lending. The course is presented in lessons so that you’re able to go back and review information in an area as it is needed.

Teaching Method

This course is delivered online and can be completed on your computer, tablet or mobile device. It does not have to be completed at one time. The system will record your progress and allow you to begin from where you left off.

This course includes written text, video review, case studies and testing. Users are required to complete all training content and pass a final test of  randomized questions before being issued a completion status. This course is not timed but should take about 30 minutes to complete.

Course Completion

The course is designed to give you a full overview of the laws and regulations of fair lending. It is important to understand that there are several regulations that govern fair lending requirements and each plays an important role.

You will begin with the first lesson, which discusses why fair lending is important. From there you can progress through the course. You will need to complete all lessons in the course to have a complete understanding of the requirements of the various fair lending laws and regulations in the mortgage industry.