Getting Started

Registering for your FirstFunding U Account is easy and convenient.

Please follow the directions outlined below.

Once you are registered and approved, you will have access to all the training at FirstFunding U.


  • Request your FirstFunding U Access Code.

  • Submit the Request Access Code Form below. Once submitted, FirstFunding U will email you an access code and site registration instructions.


  • Register For Your Personal FirstFunding U account. 

  • With your FirstFunding U Access Code, complete the Registration Form below. Once this step is completed, you’re ready to begin learning.


  • Login to Your Personal FirstFunding U account. 

  • After registering for your FirstFunding U account, you only need to login to FirstFunding U by using your email and password.

Begin your FirstFunding U educational path today.

Follow the FirstFunding U educational path below. Request your access code, register for your personal FirstFunding U account and gain access to your educational dashboard. Once Step One and Step Two are completed, you will then login to your personal FirstFunding U account.

Request Your Access Code

Complete the form below to request your access code. Use this access code to register for the site. Once you’re registered, you’ll only need to Login with your email and password.

Register Your Access Code

After receiving your Access code, please complete the Register Your Access Code form below. Once you’ve registered onto the FirstFunding U site using this code, you won’t need to use it again. You’ll be able to login from the main menu.

Request Access Code

Request Access Code
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Access Code Registration

FirstFunding U Access Code

Important! You must have a valid FirstFunding U Access Code and a valid, unique email address to register for FirstFunding U.

What if I don’t have an Access Code?
Fill out the Request An Access Code from. Your information will be received and an Access Code will be emailed to you by FirstFunding U within 24 – 48 hours.

You can also get your FirstFunding U Access Code by contacting your FirstFunding Account Executive.
Telephone: (866) 451-7800

Terms of Service

By registering for an account with FirstFunding U you agree to the Terms of Service, available here. (Link to terms of service)