A Webinar Series on How to Open Your Own Mortgage Business

This course is a series of recordings from webinars.

If you are thinking it is time to step out and open your own mortgage company, then you are not alone. Many in the industry are coming to the realization that there are advantages to becoming an Independent Mortgage Broker or Non-Delegated Correspondent Lender. You may be wondering what the differences are between broker and non-delegated, what are the licensing requirements, compliance needs, marketing platforms or simply what is the first step.  

That is exactly why we have started this Becoming Independent Series, focusing on what it takes in our industry today to ‘Set Up Your Own Mortgage Company‘.  From deciding to be a broker or non-delegated lender, to setting up your compliance, to looking at new trends that have emerged like Mortgage Franchising, we are bringing you all the resources you need and answers to your questions.

Join, Ginger Bell, Education Specialist, Go2Training  as she hosts a panel of industry experts to share a new topic, answer your questions and help you decide if the time to become an Independent Originator is now. 

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